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· I use a pair of 603 to remote trigger the camera. The older, original version looks like it has recently been discontinued by the manufacturer, but it is still available for sale. 4 GHz transceivers as well as a shutter release cables for remote triggering of Canon cameras. See full list on digital-photography-school. One of the triggers attaches to your off-camera flash unit via the hot shoe mount. To use the Yongnuo RF-603 as a shutter release, simply attach one unit to your camera’s hot shoe mount, turn both units on, and use the second unit to remotely fire your camera.

Install the handhold flash on the hot shoe of the transceiver as transmitter, and lock the flash. Receiver is hanging on the cable connected to the shutter input on my D7100, 622 is on the Hot shoe of the camera to trigger TTL (or manual) flashes. Synchronization speed can reach 1/320, but may only reach 1/250 depending on the exact scenario you’re shooting in.

4 GHz transceivers as well as a shutter release cable for remote triggering of Canon cameras. For long exposure. Besides being very reasonably priced, these Yongnuo triggers are powered by two normal AAA batteries. More Yongnuo Remote Shutter Release Manual videos. time I purchased Yongnuo products. Wireless Remote - Canon c3plug $ 44. The NEW 600ex-rtii from Yongnuo is the top of the line speedlight available for Canon users.

Page 13: Function Extend Function yongnuo remote shutter release manual extend yongnuo remote shutter release manual Handhold the flash for remote flash trigger sync Take the RF-603 on flash light as shutter release remote control,additional YongNuo 2. It can also function as a remote shutter release for your camera. 5mm shutter connecting cable needs Connected the shutter to be purchased. 6 out of 5 stars 21 ratings. RW-221 Wireless Shutter Remote CANON 650D 600D 60D 550D 500D 450D G12 G11 G15 . com : YONGNUO Wireless Shutter Release & Flash Trigger RF-603II N1 for Nikon DSLR D800 / D700 / D300 / D2X / D2H / D200 / D1H / D1X / D3X / D3 : Camera & Photo. Additional YongNuo 2.

The lead from the receiver should be connected to the remote Jack socket. Top reasons to use a shutter release: A remote for your camera allows you to remove any vibration that you would have when you press your camera shutter button. 5mm shutter connecting cable needs to be purchased. Toggle navigation. Additional YongNuo 2. . So you can use another RF-603 or RF-603 II as the remote shutter release button in your hand, to fire the camera and remote flashes (YN560-TX attached to the camera hotshoe, and also connected with a shutter release cord).

Each transceiver has a male camera shoe on the bottom as well as a female hot shoe on top for triggering a flash unit. Check out the remote switches made by Yongnuo in the table below. 1 Remove the camera&39;s remote control socket cover. Priced at under for a set of two, the Yongnuo RF-603 works as both a wireless flash trigger and receiver. They are much cheaper than the Canon or Nikon version, and are usually offering the same features. Based on multiple user reviews and my own experience with Yongnuo products, they are dependable, efficient, and incredibly easy to use despite being considered budget options.

Handhold the flash for remote flash trigger sync Take the RF-603II on the flash as shutter release remote control, LS-2. . 2) Shutter release is not synced with remote FLASH, I suspect that remote flash fires ahead of shutter, here are the details: YN-560 IV flash settings: RF602 mode, RX, 1/64 power, 50mm zoom.

You can also purchase additional Y. They use the battery power very efficiently, meaning you won’t have to constantly switch out drained ones. Yongnuo RF-605C wireless transceiver kit features two 16 channel, 2. Each transceiver has a male camera shoe on the bottom as well as a female hot shoe on top for triggering a camera or flash unit, a wireless range of 100m and sync speed as short as 1. 1) Wireless release shutter works ONLY in RF-602 mode, in RF-603 mode you got unit hanging on the wire from camera. make offer - remote shutter cord release trigger canon rs-c1 60d 550d 50d 450d 60d 650d 70d YONGNUO TIMER REMOTE CONTROLLER TC-80N3 For Canon EOS . Then the penny dropped. 91 Yongnuo RF-603 N1 Wireless Remote Flash Triggerfor Nikon D800 D700 D300 D200 D3X.

The transceivers should set in “TRX” state. Since this base model trigger only has a simple on/off button, you still. · Yongnuo RF603 II Flash trigger Shutter release Remote Control RF-603II Flash trigger with shutter release. YONGNUO RF-605 C1 Flash Trigger/Wireless Remote Shutter Release Transceiver Kit for Canon Rebel 300D 350D 400D 450D 500D 550D 1000D 700D 650D 600D 60D by YONGNUO 4. According to the flash model, output power and shutter speed to adjust controller “SS” to a suitable time delay parameters. It’s an upgraded version of the YN568EX II with faster recycle times (2 seconds instead of 3 seconds) and a USB port for future firmware upgrades. Yongnuo YN568EX III Review Yongnuo YN568EX III Introduction.

· Review of the Yongnuo IR Remote Shutter Release for Canon Cameras. The only downside to these Yongnuo RF-603 triggers lies in their simplicity. One set of RF-603II apply to remotely control the shutter of camera and trigger the light flash. Yongnuo Wireless Timer Remote Control Shutter Release MC-36R MC36R (N3) . Shutter Release Details. 2 Insert the TC-80N3&39;s plug into the camera&39;s remote control socket. This RF-603N II Remote Flash Trigger Kit from Yongnuo features two 16 channel, 2. One such unit is the Yongnuo MC-36b.

622 have no output to trigger the camera shutter, you can&39;t use PC-socket to do that. setting at manual full-power flash output (1/1). Also note that the original and newer transceivers are compatible with each other, so you can mix and match if you happen to hav. How to Yongnuo RF-603 trigger attaches to your camera.

The plug and socket will lock together. What’s in the box: two (2) flash triggers, one (1) N1 shutter release cable. When using the shutter release, the power switch need to set in”TRX” state.

This YN-129 wireless remote shutter release is a new upgrated version of YONGNUO YN-128. 5 series shutter connecting cable(or purchase) according to the different cameras. Thus, it’s important to note several key differences between the two models, and why you’ll probably want to opt for the newer version. To push in the plug, press the top of the plug. The system has a wireless range of 100m and can sync.

When it is used as wireless remote shutter release, fix one. If you want to jazz up your Nikon’s abilities by adding a remote shutter control that doubles as an intervalometer – but would rather shell out and not 0 for Nikon’s MC-36 – then there are some remote shutter controls on eBay that may be worth your attention. Single transceiver can be used as a wired remote shutter release. Function extend 1. yongnuo lol) And connected the lead from the Yongnuo receiver to the X-sync socket on the K1. Wireless remote shutter release for Canon EOS 300D, 400D, 450D, 1000D. Make offer - Yongnuo MC-36B S1 For Sony Cameras Timer Control Shutter Remote Cord A REMOTE SHUTTER CORD RELEASE TRIGGER CANON RS-C1 60D 550D 50D 450D 60D 650D 70D £7.

· The latest YongNuo RC-6 Wireless Remote is available from eBay Relevant Articles: Aputure AP-TR3C (TC-80N3 compatible) Timer Remote Controller for Canon Remote Shutter Terminal Converter Cable N3F to E3M for Canon Shoot RS-80N3 compatible Remote Release Cable for Canon YongNuo WRS II C3 Wireless Remote Control for Canon. It features built in radio communication so that you can reliably use it off camera and maintain complete control. Yongnuo also manufactures remote shutter releases. It is very similar to the Canon 580EX II (now discontinued). 5 seconds delay shoot Energy saving design allows long battery life usage Stylish design and easy yongnuo remote shutter release manual for carrying Packing: 1 x transmitter 1 x receiver 1 x user manual.

So I was being a bit thick (Some on here would say im always thick. Press the release button halfway of the transceiver to focus, press completely to shoot, the shutter indicator light will turn on(red). The Place for Yongnuo in the USA Search.

Buy: Yongnuo YN-128 Wireless Shutter Release, White. Ihe other slides onto your camera’s hot shoe mount and also connects via the included N1 shutter release cable. You can put 622 over the 603 too. receiver was getting the message but no shutter release. 99 ( 0 customer reviews ).

Do not grasp the silver part of the plug. Yongnuo RF-603C II Wireless Remote Flash Trigger C3 for Canon1D 5D 7D 10D 20D on. Then you simply turn the triggers, camera, and flash on and you’re good to start firing away! Wireless Shutter Release YN-128 Control the shutter from as far as 200 meters away (open area) Strong anti-interference function and 16 channels Supports autofocus, bulb mode and 3. The 600ex-rtII can be used as a master flash with other 600ex-rt&39;s from both Canon and Yongnuo. See more results. If you’re a photographer looking for a low-cost way to experiment with off-camera flash, Yongnuo triggers and even their own brand name flash units are highly recommended.

The Yongnuo YN568EX III is a ETTL flash with optical wireless control. The Yongnuo YN-128 looks to be a pretty nifty bit of kit, offering both wired and wireless remote operation. 4GHz wireless frequency, and the remote control distance is up to approximately 100 meters (328 feet).

Wired/wireless remote shutter release function This product can achieve wired /wireless remote shutter release function, need to LS-2. How to use Yongnuo rf-603 as shutter release? Triger YN-04II Wireless Flash Trigger Set yongnuo remote shutter release manual CTR-301P Fast Softbox TTL YN-467 remote cord shutter release battery pack led live view lens List of Products Flashes TTL Remote Cord Shutter Release Timer Shutter Release Wireless Shutter Release LED light Live View Wired Remote Flash Triggers Flash battery Pack Accessories. Handhold the flash for remote flash trigger sync Take the RF603 II on the flash as shutter release remote control, LS-2. When shopping around, you might notice that there are two Yongnuo RF-603 models: RF-603 and RF-603 II.

AAA batteries not included. Set the flash sync speed of the camera as AUTO FP, the maximum shutter sync speeds can reach to 1/8000s. Wireless Remote - Nikon N3.

What is the remote control speed of Yongnuo? The remote was listed on eBay as "RS-80N3 Remote Shutter for Canon EOS 5D 20D 30D 40D", and appeared to be a copy of Canon&39;s RS-80N3 remote, which typically retails for USD or AUD. This RF-603C II Remote Flash Trigger Kit from Yongnuo features two 16 channel, 2. The box that arrived was labelled as "Yongnuo Remote Switch RS-C3", and the remote itself has the words " Yongnuo Digital " on the front of it. I&39;m looking at getting a remote shutter release and given the horrendously expensive offerings from Canon, I&39;ve been looking at 3rd party offerings.

Yongnuo remote shutter release manual

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